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Looking to build upon your foundation of worship arts? Dive into this ten topic series to grow more in character and in your musical craft.

Topic #1

Leading Yourself in a Life of Worship

In order to lead others in worship, we must first lead ourself. This is much bigger than we might think, for it touches every area of our life!


Topic #2

Keeping the Focus in Worship

What happens during those times in worship where you are giving it your best, yet people around you just don’t seem to want to enter into worship? These principles will help you to keep the most important things first as you first lead yourself in worship before leading others.

Topic #3

Excellence in Worship

We hear the word ‘excellence’ thrown around a lot in our worship communities. What exactly does it mean to be excellent in the context of musical worship?

Topic #4

Practice vs. Rehearsal

Most worship teams will make time to get together to play through the songs before they lead a worship service. The questions is: Is your team coming together and practicing or are they coming together and rehearsing?

Topic #5

Performing vs. Worship Leading

In this video, Paul Baloche explores the differences between getting up on the stage to perform and getting up on the stage to lead worship.

Topic #6

The Heart of Worship

What is the heart of worship and how do we avoid the pitfalls of it becoming something it was never intended to be? Here are a few thoughts that will help you stay on track.

Topic #7

Vocal Clarity in Worship

Sometimes it is fun to mix things up a bit as a musician when learning the song set for Sunday worship: you know, try a new riff during the instrumental or maybe a different drum fill than the original recording during that build to the Bridge. Changing up the melody lines for the lead vocals, […]

Topic #8

How to Pick the Right Key for Your Voice

In this article we are going to give you some practical steps that you can take to sing in the best possible key for you.

Topic #9

Tips for at-home Practice

Practice plays an important role in our success on a worship team. So here’s the question: How should we practice at home to be prepared for the rehearsal?

Topic #10

Transitions in Worship Music

Transitions in a worship set can make the difference between a mediocre worship experience or a great worship experience.