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New to the Worship Team at church? Cover this 10-week series with a group or mentor.

Topic #1


Welcome to Worship Ministry

Jesus is looking for true worshipers, and that can happen at the local church. The worship team can lead the way.


Topic #2

Worship Team Training #1: Draw Others to Jesus

The fundamental job of the worship team is to point people to Jesus, the only one worthy of our worship.

Topic #3

Worship Team Training #2: Be an Authentic Worshiper

It’s not enough to simply sing songs and hope people sing along. We must worship authentically.

Topic #4

Worship Team Training #3: Maximize Your Gift

If God has gifted you with musical talent, do everything you can to maximize your gifts for the glory of God.

Topic #5

Choose a topic from our Worship Page. We recommend Leading Yourself In a Life of Worship.

Topic #6

Choose a topic from our Worship Page. We recommend Worship Team Conduct.

Topic #7

Choose a topic from our Worship Page. We recommend Basic Music Terms.

Topic #8

The Church Jesus Envisioned

Everyone knows that we’re supposed to go out and make disciples. But is your ministry actually doing it?


Topic #9

What Is a Discipleship Culture?

The greatest churches in the world are the ones with a “discipleship culture”. In this lesson you’ll learn what that means and how we can help you get it.


Topic #10

Buying In to the System

If you’re a pastor or pastoral team who wants to bring a discipleship culture to your church using the pursueGOD resources, you’ll have to buy in to the system as a team.