Leading a gateway service is one of the most important roles for the weekend services.  As a service leader you are setting the tone for the service and have an opportunity to influence a lot of people.  It can be both exciting and rewarding if you’re well prepared.  Conversely, it can be very uncomfortable for yourself and for your guests if  if you’re not.   Before you ever lead a service will need to spend some time discussing the role and responsibilities with your mentor.  As you prepare for that conversation, here are some things to keep in mind.

Before you even consider “what” to communicate, consider “how” to communicate.  (These apply to both the welcome and the dismissal.)

  • Communicate with professionalism
  • Communicate with energy and enthusiasm
  • Be prepared
  • Be relational
  • Be clear
  • Be brief

What should be included in the welcome?

  • Welcome everyone
  • Introduce yourself by name and position (i.e. “campus pastor” or “service leader”)
  • Explain the welcome card (do this with the visitor in mind)
  • Make announcement (emphasis on being clear and being brief)
  • Thank people for attending and turn it back over to the worship team

What should be included in the dismissal?

  • Thank everyone for join you today
  • Encourage people to follow-up the sermon by
    • visiting pursuegod.org
    • by attending/joining a small group
    • having conversations at home with their families
  • Invite people to come forward if they have questions or would like to pray with someone
  • Dismiss the service