Sermonlink series are PursueGOD series designed for the local church, featuring sermons, small group videos, and small group discussion guides. Sermonlink series have kids church and youth editions of the material written just for those specific age groups – and available for free download and use in your church. Sermonlink allows you to streamline your kids, youth, and adult ministries so that every generation in your church is learning God’s truth together.

About the Series:

Sermonlink series are generally 3-4 weeks in length. For each series you will find the following:

  • Series promo video (mp4 download): This is a short video that you can use to promote your series at church, on social media, or in any other way you can think of.
  • Series countdown video (mp4 download): This is a five minute countdown that you can use before the church service.
  • Series graphic: Use this graphic in your services, lobby, or in print to promote your series. Also, you can customize the graphic for your needs.
  • Kids and youth editions: You will also find links for the kids and youth versions of the Sermonlink series.

About the Lessons:

Sermonlink lessons all come with the following:

  • Group video: This is a short video that summarizes the lesson. Have your small group members watch the video before group, or watch it together.
  • Summary: This is a short written summary of the sermon that includes talking points and the Bible verses that were discussed.
  • Discussion questions: Questions to be used in small group and mentoring discussions.
  • Printable PDF: A pdf version of the lesson summary and discussion questions. You can print these out for your church service or small group. (PursueGOD recommends not printing out the pdfs for your small groups, but instead to encourage people to access the lessons on their phones. This will allow group participants to interact with the numerous related resources).
  • Sermon Video: This is a YouTube version of the full sermon connected to the lesson, available after the official air date of the lesson.
  • Sermon slides (zipped folder): These are the slides used in the sermon and group video. If you are teaching this live you can use these slides.
  • Sermon outlines or manuscripts: Join our Google + leader community to access our official sermon notes, add your own suggestions, or ask questions of our team.
  • Related Resources: Every lesson has related resources and topical resources that you can use for sermon preparation, small group leader preparation, or further discussions in your group.

The Sermonlink Schedule:

If you want to know what is new on Sermonlink, check out the Sermonlink schedule at You will find our most recent series and lessons. If your church or ministry wants to follow our new release schedule, use our Sermonlink schedule.