Men's ministry is easier than ever with the pursueGOD tools. Here's how to keep score of the "win".

Talking Points:

  • Bookmark two pages to run men’s ministry: the PG men’s page and your church’s partner page.
  • Use the PG men’s page to help men go “full circle” by engaging (with Featured Topics), establishing (with The Pursuit), and empowering (once you finish The Pursuit).  
  • Use your church’s partner page to log the 3E milestones along the way.
Talk About It
  1. What jumped out at you in this topic?
  2. What’s the goal for a typical men’s ministry? What the goal for a PG men’s ministry?
  3. Label the percentage of men in your church at each arrow along the circle. Which area is the weakest?
  4. Browse the men’s category at Pick out three topics that would engage most men in your church. Have you ever covered topics like those with your men?
  5. Make a list of men who can form your “first wave” of mentors for your men’s ministry. Make a plan to complete “The Pursuit” with these men and log your milestones on your church’s partner page.
  6. Create a strategy for engaging men in your church once your leadership team is ready to bring them through the 3E’s.