KC is supposed to be fun, right? If you’ve spent any time volunteering in this ministry, you know that it can be tough to make it fun without totally losing control. The key is in finding the balance. The “6 keys to KC”: honor God by loving others, listen & obey, use only kind words, be honest, be a servant, and be respectful frames the expectations you should have for kids who participate in KC. You should refer to these often, as a way to praise children who are doing well and as a reminder to those who are misbehaving.

Here are a few other practical tips to help you manage your class.

  • Greet kids as they arrive with a smile and a “high five”

  • Immediately direct them to a table to start on the opening activity(this should be organized before service)

  • Give a warning 2-3 minutes before each transition to the next activity. Kids need to be prepared when changes are coming.

  • Don’t yell if kids are getting loud, simply raise your hand, get their attention, and tell them to quiet down.

  • Make every effort to turn a negative into a positive learning experience.

    • If kids aren’t sharing, talk about the first key, “honor God by loving others.”

    • If kids are being disrespectful, remind them of the 6th key, “be respectful”.

  • Always have an activity or game ready during check out time. Kids tend to get crazy as they wait for parents to show up so it’s better to keep them busy during that time.

  • If a child is acting out, follow the 3 warning rule explained below:

    • Give a verbal warning to stop.(warning 1)

      • Remind the child of the “6 keys” posted in the class.

      • Try to re-direct him/her to participate in the activity.

      • Sit by them or ask them to come help you with the next activity.

  • If a child doesn’t respond, give another verbal warning to stop.(warning 2)

    • Point to #2 in “6 keys” about obedience.

    • Move him/her to another seat

    • Have them come sit next to you or your helper.

  • If problem persists, page your Team Leader or Director to assess(warning 3)

    • Page the parent if you can’t get cooperation.

    • If a parent is paged, make sure you talk to the parent about the specifics.(point to the “6 keys” and identify which one(s) the child was struggling to follow.)

These tips set you up for success as a KC volunteer so you can do your part in helping kids pursue God.