The Good Place

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Series Overview:

What you believe about eternity determines how you live today.

Topic #1

Death starts a new kind of existence that brings the Christian into the presence of Jesus.

Key Points:

  • Death isn’t the end of existence.
  • Death ends our ability to choose or reject Jesus.
  • Death meets its end in Jesus.
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Topic #2

Hell is real and God doesn’t want you to go there.

Key Points:

  • Hell exists for a reason.
  • Hell is worse than you think.
  • God doesn’t want anyone going to Hell.
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Topic #3

The reality of heaven changes for the better how we live our lives in this world now.

Key Points:

  • Fact: Heaven is real.
  • Fiction: Heaven will be boring.
  • Fact: Heaven is what you were made for.
  • Fiction: This world is your home.

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Topic #4

Most people think there are many ways to get to heaven. Jesus, however, shows us that there is only one way to heaven: through him.

Talking Points:

  • Bad Idea #1: All religions are basically the same.
  • Bad Idea #2: All that really matters is one’s sincerity.
  • Bad Idea #3: “Good” people go to heaven.
  • Good Idea: Jesus provides the only way, truth, and life to heaven.

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