In this series, we train and equip pastors and lay leaders to preach pursueGOD sermons in their church.

Topic #1

Understanding the Win for Preachers

If you want to teach the using the free Sermonlink sermons from, you’ll need to get our simple disciple-making philosophy of ministry.


Topic #2

What Qualifies You to Preach?

What qualifies a person to teach in a public setting at church? We’re not talking about your public speaking ability, but rather your personal qualifications. What gives you the right to teach to a crowd?


Topic #3

Three Teaching Principles

The sermon resources in our library are developed with three simple teaching principles in mind. Pastors and lay leaders in training to teach will be evaluated by these three things.


Topic #4

Next Steps for Teachers

If you’ve gone through teacher training and you’d like to move toward teaching from the pulpit at your church (using our resources), try these simple next steps.