Watch the video above and use the resources below to talk about it with your consultant and/or staff. 

Learn how to use the pursueGOD resources to make disciple-making a thing in your church or ministry. Our conversation starters will help your church talk about faith, life, and everything in between.

Talking Points:

  • Our sites equip regular Christians to help people pursue God through a series of conversations. Our tools use a 3-step “FLEX” method for disciple-making: Find a topic, Learn about it on your own, and Explore it through conversation.
  • We offer partner pages to churches and ministries who join our network. These pages allow you to cross-brand our content and customize it for your ministry context. Take a tour of this sample partner page.
  • Partner pages start at $25 per month. For an additional fee your network consultant can assist your church with training and roll out.
Talk About It
  1. How did you find out about
  2. Describe your church. What percentage of people are making disciples right now?
  3. Talk through this sample partner page with your consultant. Be sure to cover layout, milestones, and customization options.
  4. Take a quick tour of our other conversation starter sites:
    1. for children’s ministry
    2. for outreach in your community
    3. for pastors, preachers, worship teams and more
  5. Talk about next steps based on this conversation.

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