Use this series to train and equip your student leaders to make disciples in your youth group. Students will be grounded in the important principles in youth ministry and empowered to serve as leaders and mentors.

#1: Student Leader Training: What Is a Leader?

There are a lot of different ideas out there of what a leader should be like or how they should treat those they lead. In this lesson, we talk about what type of leader Jesus proved to be and how we should follow his example when leading others.

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#2: Student Leader Training: Who’s the Boss?

As a teenager, you have a lot of authority figures in your life, some good, maybe some not so good. In this lesson, we talk about how God deserves our respect, and if we want to respect him, we need to respect other authority figures as well.

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#3: Student Leader Training: Are You a Fan or a Follower?

Many people like Jesus. They like his teaching, his care for the poor, his sense of justice, and his compassion toward everyone. Most people are a fan of Jesus, but that’s not what Jesus wants from us. Jesus wants you to follow him.

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#4: Student Leader Training: Be an Example

As a youth leader you are an example. You are an example for the students in your small group, and the students in the rest of the youth group. You are an example for students in your own grade, and younger students. As a student leader, you need to take your role as an example seriously.

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#5: Student Leader Training: Support the Team

As a student leader, you are part of the larger youth group team at your church. You are also part of the larger leadership team of the entire church. Teams succeed when everyone works toward the same goal, and goes in the same direction.

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#6: Student Leader Training: A Disciple Who Makes Disciples

It’s important to understand the goal of youth ministry. We want to help students become followers of Jesus who make other followers of Jesus. As a student leader, our desire is that you would learn to make disciples.

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