About This Track
Use this series to learn the most important factors in making sure your new group has every opportunity to succeed.

Week #1: How Groups and Mentoring Work: The Basic Commitments

Learn the basic commitments that make our resources work.

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Week #2: Get Your Group Off to a Good Start

It’s hard for a group to recover from a weak start. Check out principles for how to get a group started well.

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Week #3: How to Use the Small Group Launch Plan

A worksheet to help small group leaders and their teams start a group on a strong footing.

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Week #4: Set the Right Tone for a New Group

Setting a healthy relationship environment is essential to get a small group off the ground. Here are some tips on how to start well.

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Week #5: How to Make Your Group Welcoming to Guests

It can be intimidating to attend a small group for the first time. Will your group make guests feel welcome or weird?

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Week #6: Small Group Ground Rules

If you want to have a great small group, there are a few ground rules that you need to follow. These will help you to treat each other with love and respect, and above all, to build trust in your group.

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What's Next?
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