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Thank you for signing up to host a small group during our upcoming church-wide campaign! This video will help you get the big picture of how a campaign works and why your role is so important.

A campaign helps everyone grow

A campaign rallies the entire church around a simple theme. It gives everyone a chance to take some next steps in their pursuit of God, creating a powerful experience of momentum and growth.

Small groups are an important part of the campaign. Each week, groups will discuss key ideas from that week’s sermon. This helps people go beyond just listening to the truth, to process the truth together. That’s how life-change happens. We will encourage 100% of our church attenders to participate in a small group. That’s why we need dozens of people like you willing to host these short-term groups.

Your commitment is simple

As a small group host, we’re asking you to open your home and open your heart for the duration of the campaign – in this case, 5 weeks. You will host the group in your home once a week, and you will show a teaching video and guide the group through a simple discussion of what you hear. It’s not complicated, and this training series will prepare you with everything you need to succeed.

We encourage you, if possible, to find someone to partner with you, It’s simple enough to do this on your own. But things go better when we work as a team. Talk to your pastor about this.

How people will join your group

The church will promote small groups for several weeks leading up to the campaign. Everyone will be hearing about it, and everyone will be encouraged to sign up. (Make sure you understand how the sign-up process works at your church.) In general, people can sign up based on what neighborhood or what night of the week is convenient for them. But people can also sign up for a particular group. That’s why we encourage you to be invitational. Talk to your friends and everyone you meet about joining your group.

Before the first group meeting, you will know who has signed up for your group. We encourage you to reach out in advance by phone or message to make sure people feel welcomed, they remember what time the group starts, and they know how to find your home.

What happens after the campaign

Your commitment is only for the 5 weeks of the campaign. But if you have a positive experience, and the members of your group hit it off, you and the group may decide to continue meeting after the campaign is over. If so, we will help you make the transition. Or you and the group members can easily be enfolded into other, existing groups after the campaign ends.

God can use you!

All of Jesus’ followers are called to help others pursue God. We’re so glad that you’ve taken this step to be involved in that! You may feel nervous about it, but you can succeed. First, we have provided all the resources you need. Second, and most importantly, God is at work through each of us when we trust him with steps of obedience. Prepare well. Pray a lot. Get help from your pastor when you need it. We expect God to use you in some great ways to make a difference for others during this campaign.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. Watch the video together or invite someone to summarize the topic.
  2. What is your initial reaction to this video? Do you disagree with any of it? What jumped out at you?
  3. What are your hopes for your own life and for your church during this campaign?
  4. What aspect of hosting a group seems the easiest to you, and why?
  5. What aspect of hosting a group seems the hardest, and why?
  6. Why is it so important to contact the people in your group before the first meeting?
  7. Let’s make a list of some specific things we should be praying about during this campaign.
  8. What other questions do you have about the campaign and your role in it?
  9. Write a personal action step based on this conversation.

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