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Our series organize topics to make disciple-making easier for groups and mentors.

Pastoring 101

The 6-week training track for pastors who want to create a discipleship culture in the church.

Small Group Tools

Become familiar with simple tools to help you lead your small group with greater intentionality and skill.


Pastor Steve Murrell, leader of Victory Church in Manila, shares the basic principles behind creating a discipleship culture.

Small Groups 101

Ready to lead a small group? Cover these 10 topics with a group or mentor to learn the basics.

Self-Care for Pastors

This five-part series encourages pastors to pursue physical, mental, emotional and relational wellness as a wise act of stewardship.

Spiritual Formation for Pastors

This series explores important aspects of personal growth in Christ to help pastors and other Christian workers survive and thrive in ministry for the long haul.

Student Ministry 101

Joining the student ministry team at church? Cover these topics with a group or mentor.

Growing Your Small Group

Use this series to discover how to help your group become invitational and welcoming toward newcomers.

Starting a New Group

Use this series to learn the most important factors in making sure your new group has every opportunity to succeed.

Being a Better Leader

This series reflects on key principles to develop and sustain your personal leadership capacity.

Teacher Training

Learn how to preach Sermonlink series from pursueGOD and empower your whole church to make disciples.

Sound Team Training

Check out these three lessons to get started on the right foot as a sound tech.

Student Leader Training

Use this six-lesson series to train your student leaders, and to equip them to make disciples in your youth group. Students will be grounded in the important principles in youth ministry and empowered to serve as leaders and mentors.

Kids Church Training

Use this training series to train leaders and volunteers to use our Kids Church resources for your children’s program at church.

Small Groups 101

In this series you’ll learn how to lead dynamic small groups with the free pursueGOD discipleship tools.

Operations Training

This training series will equip people to serve on your church’s operations teams (greeters, ushers, clean team, media, sound team, building and grounds, admin, and more).


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