About This Series
Use this series to become equipped to lead your group to give birth to healthy new groups.

Week #1: Going “Full Circle” as a Group

Just as individuals go “full circle” to maturity in Christ, small groups can also grow mature. In fact, people and groups become mature together.

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Week #2: How to Use the Small Group Reproduction Plan

A worksheet to help small group leaders and their teams prepare a small group to reproduce itself in a healthy way by launching a new group.

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Week #3: Getting a Group Ready to Reproduce

Small groups don’t just reproduce out of the blue. It takes intentional steps to help group members prepare to launch a new group.

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Week #4: How Big Should a Group Be to Launch a New Group?

To reproduce, a small group needs enough people. But there is no “magic number”. Various factors dictate when a group is large enough to launch a new group.

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Week #5: Finding the Right Time to Reproduce a Group

Think through your community and church calendars to find the best seasons to launch a new group.

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Week #6: Transitioning from One Group to Two

When one small group branches into two, we can ease the process for group members until both new groups are established.

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What's Next?
You’re done with this 6-week track. Congratulations! Now try another series or check out our topics for more topic-at-a-time discipleship.