How to Use PGN

Our resources are designed to help your ministry make "full circle" Christians, whether they've been going to church a long time or they're brand new at it. Here's the picture we're working toward:

The Process

Using the resources at,, and, teach your church our 3E process:

  1. Engage: Start talking about life, faith, and everything in between using the topics on one of our category pages.
  2. Establish: Start "The Pursuit" - our 12-week discipleship track available at - to establish a full circle Christian faith.
  3. Empower: Complete "The Pursuit" and you'll be ready to go out and help others pursue God.


The pursueGODnetwork site uses conversation starters just like our other disciple-making sites. The main difference? The categories here are built for ministry leaders throughout your church:

Learn more about pursueGODnetwork.

Upcoming Sermons

Use the sermonlink preview videos below to prep for upcoming sermons. A new sermonlink topic will be posted to every Friday. 

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Prep Musicians

Worship teams can find tutorials, lead sheets, and conversation starters to raise up better leaders.

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