This training series will equip people to serve on your church’s operations teams (greeters, ushers, clean team, media, sound team, building and grounds, admin, and more).

Every Task Matters | Operations Training #1

God has gifted every Christian to serve in his church. Every person has a place on the team, and every role is important.

Take Ownership | Operations Training #2

When you serve at church, do you think of yourself as a renter or an owner? The way you answer this question makes all the difference.

Help Build the Team | Operations Training #3

As a member of a team, your goal isn’t just to show up, do your work, and leave immediately. You want to contribute to the overall health of your team.

2 Basic Commitments | Operations Training #4

As part of your operations team, you are going to be asked to make two basic commitments to the team. It’s important that you understand those commitments.