There are a lot of reasons people serve in ministry by themselves. It’s easier.  It’s faster. It often takes more work to include others.  You feel more needed if you’re the only one that knows how to do something. The problem with all of those things is that you’re part of a team, and ministry is about people, not just you.  Not just the people you serve, but the people you serve with.   When you started serving on a new team  it’s because someone invited you.  They worked with you, trained you and taught you the ins-and-outs of ministry.   Now that you’re part of the team you can help to build the team by inviting someone to help you with your tasks.  When you always have someone with you in ministry you can accomplish so much more.

  • You give someone else an opportunity to participate.
  • You give someone else a place to connect.
  • You build a relationship with that person where real ministry/discipleship can happen.
  • You make sure that the team doesn’t rely only on you.
  • You model mentoring
  • You can do more.
  • The load is lighter for everyone.

You get the point… Never serve alone.  Invite someone to serve with you this week.  If that goes well, ask them to consider joining your team.

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