We’re grateful that you’ve decided to join our serving team. We also recognize that not every area of ministry is a good fit for every volunteer, so as you join the team we want you to know that it’s not a life sentence. We want our ministries to be excellent. The last thing we want is for people to be going through the motions or serving out of guilt or fear of quitting. It’s important that you talk with your team leader about your initial commitment. (Most of our teams rotate on a quarterly or semi-annual basis.) We want people who are fully committed to our vision and passionate about their specific roles. We also want you to feel the freedom to try several areas of ministry in order to find the best fit. When we do this, we recognize several benefits:

  • It helps us build more cohesive and effective teams.
  • It keeps people from burning out.
  • It increases trust and unity on the serving teams.
  • People know they are serving alongside people who are committed.
  • More people end up serving in roles where they excel.