About This Series
Use this series to gain expertise in facilitating Bible conversations in your small group.

Week #1: How to Lead a Small Group Discussion

People grow when they can participate in discovering and sharing the truth together. The resources at pursueGOD.org will help you lead engaging conversations with that result.

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Week #2: When Your Small Group Gets Off Track

Tangents and rabbit trails can take your group off track at any time. As a leader, it is your job to manage group tangents. Here are a few tips.

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Week #3: Bad Answers to Good Questions

What to do when someone answers a discussion question in a way that is not quite right.

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Week #4: Dealing with the Small Group Dominator

Many small group leaders must deal with people who dominate the discussion during a meeting. Here are a few tips for dealing with a dominator.

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Week #5: Encouraging Quiet People to Share in Groups

How to encourage quieter people to participate in small group discussions.

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Week #6: When Someone Drops a Bombshell in Your Group

Sometimes a member of a small group will drop a shocking, major bombshell on the group. There is no way to prepare in advance for a shock you don’t know is coming, but if you are flexible, your group can rise to the occasion to be used by God. Here’s how.

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What's Next?
You’re done with this series. Congratulations! Now try another series or check out our topics for more topic-at-a-time discipleship.