This video is going to walk you through how you can use this series in your women’s ministry or in small group setting. Like all of our resources at PG, each lesson has a video, summary article and discussion questions. For this series, we have also added a homework section so women can go deeper into the lesson on their own each week.

The Group Time

So let’s talk about the format of your meetings. Here’s how we suggest you do it:

Each time you meet as a group, watch the video together and then use the discussion questions to have a conversation. You can always encourage the ladies to preview the lesson each week if they want to be more prepared for the discussion time. You can send them the link in a text or email or encourage them to go to the series at PG to the week you are on.

The Homework

I want to draw special attention to the idea of the Cleanse that is addressed at the end of each lesson and is laid out on Day 3 of the homework. The word cleanse  probably conjures up some interesting pictures, right? Some of us have gone to great lengths and perhaps have consumed some gross stuff to rid our bodies of unwanted toxins. Well, the same idea works in our spiritual lives. This series is all about ridding ourselves of idols that can be destructive forces in our lives. Now, we’re not asking you to do some gross thing but we are asking you to be systematic. The idol Cleanse is where this series gets practical. Each week, we’re providing a 4 step cleanse for you to use to remove any idol from your life. It’s not designed to be a one and done thing. It’s meant to be used every time you struggle with an idol.  So make sure your ladies utilize the Cleanse even if they don’t do the rest of the homework.

Your First Meeting

One last thing, for your first meeting, make sure to take time to do introductions and allow women to briefly share about themselves. The first lesson has less discussion questions to allow time for this Then, show the video and go through the questions and get ready for a great series!.

Order of videos

Leader Prep

  • Week 1 – Intro to series
  • Week 2 – Acceptance
  • Week 3 – Fear
  • Week 4 – Envy
  • Week 5 – Bitterness
  • Week 6 – Grace

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