It can be challenging for volunteers to know what to expect from kids who participate in KC. The structure looks similar to a school setting but the function and objectives are different. The main difference-KC is optional, school is mandatory. Because of that, kids may think that they can act out more at church.

KC needs to be a fun and inviting place where kids want to come and participate. But, fun doesn’t mean it’s void of rules and boundaries. The time still needs to be structured and expectations of good behavior need to be in place for the sake of the overall experience.

So here’s what that means: Volunteers need to be confident to lead their class. They should expect appropriate behavior from kids and willing to impose discipline when necessary. It is important, however, to serve with a gracious heart and not a heavy hand. Here’s an example, instead of immediately responding with a consequence when a child acts out, try to re-direct his/her attention by sitting by the child or making him/her your “helper” for the next activity. Do all that you can to use creativity instead of stern correction. Point to the 6 Keys for KC to remind the child of the expectations for behavior. If those creative options fail,  ask the KC Team leader or Director to come assess what the next step should be. It may be appropriate to page a parent.