This is part 2 of the Finding Your Way Back to God series. 

It’s easy to let a closet full of regrets keep you from finding your way back to God. But Peter learned to overcome even his biggest failures.

Title: Back to God #2: I Just Wish I Could Start Over (4/15)

Hook: We all have regrets about the past: I wish I had loved more. I wish I had been smarter about money. I wish I had thought about God more. We wish we could start over. Peter felt the same way in Luke 22 after denying Christ three times. The lessons he learned about overcoming regret are 3 keys that still hold true for Christ-followers today.

Key Points:  *

  1. Have the courage to recognize your regrets. Luke 22
  2. Make the choice to release your regrets. Isaiah 55:6-7
  3. Allow Jesus to redeem your regrets. Mark 16:7

Small Group Topic:  *

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Sermon Resources:  *

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    • Sermon notes (docs)
    • Sermon slides (zip)
    • Handout (pdf)

Bonus Elements:  *

  1. At beginning of service, show the Regrets Blackboard video (stop at 1:26)
  2. Invite the congregation to write down their regret(s) on a 3×5 card and hold it until later in the service.
  3. Finish the service with communion and invite the people to put their 3×5 regret card in a basket as they take the elements.

Worship Resources: *

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  • O Come to the Altar