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What does it really mean to "win" at church? The three simple truths of Foundations give us a basic framework.

Key Points:

  • Win #1: Who have we helped to trust Jesus? Take look every month to see who you have helped in your church or small group to trust Jesus. Find out who has started their relationship with God with your help. These wins may be seen through baptisms or growth in church membership.
  • Win #2: Who have we helped to honor God? As Christians, we should live to honor God. Look for the people who now have more spiritual discipline, victory over sin, or more evident fruits of the spirit in their life. This is a win because these people are now honoring God more because you have equipped them to do so. You can only honor God if you know what he wants, and a spiritual leader you have to help people to realize that.
  • Win #3: The way we grow is by helping others. This is the one that most people miss. This is the final step in a full circle pursuit of God. The only way you can fully mature as a Christian is by helping other people to start their pursuit of God and to see the truth that comes from him. The best way to do this is through mentoring or small groups. Missing this step can make it so your ministry has no future. If you don’t reproduce yourself and build up someone else to do your responsibility, then your ministry will end once you are gone.

Quote This:

One of the goals of Christianity is to go “full circle” in your pursuit of God.

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Talk About It
  1. What is your initial reaction to this topic? What jumped out at you?
  2. What do you consider a “win” at church? Make a list.
  3. Are you “winning” in any of the three areas above? Explain.
  4. Write a personal action step based on this conversation.