Recruiting for kids church can be stressful. You need a certain amount of people to fill your classroom needs and you want them to be quality people who will do a good job. Use the following steps to gear up for your next recruiting cycle.

Step #1: Promote Your KC Ministry

This is important. You want potential volunteers to be excited about the opportunity to serve in this ministry. Make sure to promote it as an awesome opportunity to impact the lives of kids for Jesus. Highlight how easy the curriculum is to use and how everything they need is provided for them. Emphasize that it’s fun to work in kids church. You should specify a date in which you need all your volunteers in place to motivate volunteers to take action quickly.

[Watch: KC Recruitment Promo Video]

Step #2: Have Volunteers Sign up

This can be done in many different ways. You can invite people to fill out a card and drop it in your offering basket or you can direct people to go and sign up at a table designated for Kids church. However you choose to do it, make it easy for volunteers to sign up. You can also invite them to designate their preference of the age or class they would like to serve.

Step #3: Send out the Volunteer Questionnaire

This is an important step for vetting your volunteers by assessing where they are in their spiritual journey. Talk with the leadership at your church to decide the standards by which you decide if someone is qualified to teach in this ministry. The questionnaire is designed to give you a sense for who they are before you spend the time training them to serve. The questionnaire is meant to be used as a tool for you to have a conversation with each potential volunteer by going over their answers.

Step #4: Follow up with each Volunteer

The questionnaire is meant to be used as a tool for you to have a conversation with each potential volunteer by going over their answers with them. This will help you to get to know them and their heart. Another helpful resource is to take volunteers through Foundations which talks about 3 foundational truths of the Christian faith. Based on your conversations, you should be confident in knowing if they’re qualified to teach and even with what age group they might fit best.

[Download: Volunteer Questionnaire]

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Step #5: Train Your Volunteers

Now that you have qualified volunteers you can train them. Send out an email with a designated time and place. Offer refreshments and make it fun and informative. The KC training series will help you to prepare your volunteers by walking them through the 3 important principles for kids ministry: prioritizing safety, leading with energy and empowering parents.

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