A pursueGOD catalyst is a lay person or ministry leader who wants to quietly bring disciple-making to a local church. Here's how.

Talking Points:

  • Step 1: Sponsor a partner page for your church. Click here to request it now.
  • Step 2: Start mentoring from your partner page. Check out our training page for more info.
  • Step 3: Reproduce yourself in others until it catches on in the whole church.
Talk About It
  1. What jumped out at you in this topic?
  2. How many people in your church are actively making disciples right now? How long have you been trying to do it?
  3. Have you tried to talk to a pastor about creating a discipleship culture at your church? If so, what response did you get?
  4. What do you think your pastor would say if you tried to introduce the pursueGOD tools?
  5. Make a list of people in your church who would be open to making disciples. Choose 3-5 people from that list and start praying that God would open their hearts to getting in the game with you.
  6. Request a partner page and let’s get started!

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