About This Series
Use this series to discover how to help your group become invitational and welcoming toward newcomers.

Week #1: Creating an Outwardly Focused Small Group

Small groups that become inwardly focused, concerned mainly about their own members, are unlikely to ever reproduce. It takes intentional leadership to help a small group develop a concern for those people who are not part of the group yet.

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Week #2: How to Find New Group Members

Find new group members by looking for unconnected people, especially those you already have some relationship with.

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Week #3: Train Your Group to Be Invitational

A great small group will be invitational, but it doesn’t happen by accident. Its leadership team must be intentional about helping the group reach out to people who aren’t there yet.

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Week #4: Strategic Times to Invite

Every group should strive to be invitational. There are certain times in a group’s calendar where inviting is easier and makes sense.

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Week #5: How to Make Your Group Welcoming to Guests

It can be intimidating to attend a small group for the first time. Will your group make guests feel welcome or weird?

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Week #6: How to Avoid Being a Weird Small Group

If a group is weird or awkward, people will not come back. Here is how not to be weird!

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What's Next?
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