About This Series:

In this 4-week series we'll help people find their way back to God by showing them how God is ready to walk with them through their biggest issues, concerns, and longings.

Series Bonus: Share our Unlocking the Bible devotional plan at the beginning of this series and challenge your congregation to make a habit of reading their Bibles.

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Sermons in This Series:

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Back to God #1: There’s Got to Be Something More

Every person has a longing to be loved, to find meaning, and to understand their suffering. Those answers are found in God.


Back to God #2: I Just Wish I Could Start Over (4/15)

It’s easy to let a closet full of regrets keep you from finding your way back to God. But Peter learned to overcome even his biggest failures.


Back to God #3: I Can’t Do It on My Own

It’s hard to ask for help, but only those who humble themselves will find their way back to God.


Back to God #4: I Can’t Shake This Feeling (4/29)

Everyone worries. And here’s the rub: anxiety can keep you from experiencing all that God has to offer. This Bible passage gives you four practical steps to overcome it.