About This Series
Use this series to make your group more effective by using simple tools to help you take positive steps to improve.

Week #1: How to Assess Your Small Group

To discern what next steps to take, you and your leadership team must continually evaluate the maturity of the group and its members.

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Week #2: How to Use the Small Group Feedback Form

Use this tool with your leaders and team to get better at the essential elements of leading a great small group.

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Week #3: How to Use Your Group Schedule Planner

Every time your group meets is a precious opportunity! This worksheet will help you keep your team stay focused and prepared for maximizing every one of your group’s meetings and events.

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Week #4: How to Use the Small Group Reproduction Plan

A worksheet to help small group leaders and their teams prepare a small group to reproduce itself in a healthy way by launching a new group.

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Week #5: How to Use Your Team Meeting Planner

Your leadership team meeting is too important to just wing it. Use the Team Meeting Planner to help you keep your team on track with what matters most.

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What's Next?
You’re done with this series. Congratulations! Now try another series or check out our topics for more topic-at-a-time discipleship.