Just made a mentoring handoff at church? Now be sure to follow up with the mentor to recommend next steps.

Email Text:

Hey there,
Thanks for taking the handoff and being willing to mentor. Here’s what I recommend now:
  1. Contact him in the next day or two to schedule a time to talk. Share the link from today’s sermon – that should be an easy first topic since he was moved by the message.
  2. Also encourage him to start reading his Bible every day. Share the link to the PG Daily Bible podcast to get him started: https://anchor.fm/pursuegod-daily-bible
  3. Then I recommend covering some topics from the “Relationships” category. Do this for at least a few weeks to get him comfortable talking. Here’s the link: https://www.pursuegod.org/relationships/
  4. Finally, begin praying now about bringing him through “The Pursuit”. That’s the 12-week series that will help him go full circle when he’s ready. Find the Alpine version on this page: https://www.pursuegod.org/ac
Don’t be discouraged if he gets cold feet in the next week or two. Keep praying for him and inviting him to talk. Let the Holy Spirit speak through you, and do everything you can to help him go “full circle”.
Reach out to me if you have any questions. Find more helpful mentoring tips here: https://www.pursuegod.org/training/

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