Don't just create consumers in your youth group. Learn to empower students to become full circle followers of Jesus.

Talking Points:

  • The “Big Win” of youth ministry is creating full circle students (see image below). Matthew 28:19-20
  • Midweek, missions trips, and other events support the “big win” – they don’t replace it.
  • Leaders should start the same way you’ll ask students to start – pick a handful of leaders and use the 3 E’s.
    • Engage: Start talking about life and faith using the conversation starters in one of the student category pages.
    • Establish: When the group is ready, start “The Pursuit” (Student Edition). Think of this as the 12-week “graduation” track. 
    • Empower: Once you’ve completed “The Pursuit,” they’re ready to start helping others pursue God – using the same 3E process. 2 Timothy 2:2


Discussion Questions
  1. What is your initial reaction to this topic? What jumped out at you?
  2. What is a word that a youth group leader would use to describe your youth ministry right now? What is one word a student would use to describe your youth ministry? What word do you hope describes your ministry?
  3. Describe your current strategy for helping students to trust in Jesus for salvation? Describe your current strategy for how you’re encouraging students to live to honor God?
  4. Read Matthew 28:19-20. Rate yourself on how you are doing at training your students to “Go”. What strategies do you currently have in place for training your students to help others?
  5. Define the “wins” of your midweek service. What are some “losses”? How could a mentoring culture help to mitigate some of the losses?
  6. Review the 3 E’s. Who are some key students that you or your adult leaders could start engaging in a mentoring relationship? How could the pursuit help you to really establish students in their faith?
  7. What happens if you don’t ever get to the empowering phase with students?
  8. How would adding student groups change your youth group?
  9. As a leader, what are practical ways to connect kids into mentoring groups? How would this work in your youth group?
  10. Write a personal action step based on this conversation.

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