About This Series
In this series you’ll learn how to use the discipleship resources at pursueGOD.org to create a discipleship culture in your church or ministry. For additional training and follow up resources, visit the Mentor Start Page.

#1: Why Make Disciples?

When Jesus came to the earth 2,000 years ago, his mission was simple: to help people pursue God. To accomplish his mission, he discipled twelve ordinary men for three years. Then he left. Those regular guys changed the world by passing on the truth of Jesus to others who would also pass it on. The biblical strategy for helping people pursue God is clear: every follower of Jesus must become a disciple-maker like Jesus. But many Christians simply aren’t doing it.

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Lesson #2: What Is a Disciple?

So the church needs to get back to the simple disciple-making strategy of Jesus. But what, exactly, does a disciple look like? Getting simple clarity on this definition is more important than you think. If we can’t define what a disciple looks like, then we really don’t know what we’re shooting for. In our resources, we define discipleship in terms of three stages.

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Lesson #3: How to Make Disciples

We can talk about disciple-making all day. But without a clear system and tools to make discipleship happen, a disciple-making culture that lasts for generations will never become a reality. In this topic, we talk about the three basic disciple-making tasks that every Christian must learn to master. Each of these tasks can be done one topic at a time, using the conversational tools in our library.

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What's Next?
You’re done with this series. Congratulations! Now learn about building your personal mentoring tree. For additional training and follow up resources, visit the Mentor Start Page.