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Do you just have loyal members at your church, or are there raving fans who gladly invite their friends? What kind of church are you?

Key Points:

  1. When you use big “stained glass” words in your preaching, be sure to explain what they mean in simple terms.
  2. Be careful to take away all of the insider vs. outsider language.
  3. Help people know where to turn in their Bibles.

Bible Text:

1 Corinthians 14:9 It’s the same for you. If you speak to people in words they don’t understand, how will they know what you are saying? You might as well be talking into empty space.

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Talk About It
  1. What is your initial reaction to this topic? What jumped out at you?
  2. What has your church done to attract people?
  3. Describe the difference between “loyal members” and “raving fans” of your church. How many of each do you have?
  4. What type of person do you have in mind when you’re preaching or preparing to preach? How is that reflected in your teaching?
  5. Write a personal action step based on this conversation.