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Our resources are designed to help you become a “full circle” Christian, whether you’ve been going to church a long time or you’re brand new at it. Here’s the picture we’re working toward:

The Process

Ready to pursue God with your family, group, or mentor? It takes 3 steps:

  1. Engage: Start talking about life and faith using the conversation starters on this page or on other category pages.
  2. Establish: When you’re ready, start “The Pursuit” (below) to learn what it means to go full circle as a Christian.
  3. Empower: Once you’ve completed all 12 topics in “The Pursuit,” you’re ready to start helping others pursue God using the 3E process.

The Commitments

New to pursueGOD conversations? Make these 4 simple commitments:

  1. Come ready to talk. Make a commitment to watch the video or listen to the audio before you meet for a conversation. This will prepare you to bring your own ideas and participate.
  2. Come ready to listen. FlexTalk conversations are just that – conversations. If you find yourself lecturing or dominating the conversation, stop yourself and start listening more.
  3. Come ready to discover. Nobody has a corner on the truth. If you talk and listen, you can expect to discover a fresh perspective on just about every topic.
  4. Come ready to change. The goal in every conversation is transformation, not just information. If you need to act on something you discover, you’re the only one who can make the change.

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If you’re a mentor (or group leader) taking someone through this page, we’d love to know about it! Track three milestones along the way by clicking on the button below. 

  1. Engage – Let us know when you’ve begun a new small group or mentoring relationship.
  2. Establish – Let us know when you’ve started The Pursuit, our 12-week discipleship track.
  3. Empower – Let us know when you’ve finished The Pursuit… we want to celebrate with you!