About This Series:

Because Jesus is supreme, he becomes the source from which his people ultimately find everything needful and important in their lives.

Series Bonus: Share our Chapter a Day devotional plan at the beginning of this series and challenge your congregation to make a habit of reading their Bibles.

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Sermons in This Series:

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Colossians #1: The Good News Changes Everything (5/6/18)

The message of Jesus has been changing lives for over 2000 years, and it’s as powerful today as it was the first time it was spoken.


Colossians #2: The Supremacy of Christ (5/13)

Whether you’re religious or not, you probably have some idea of Jesus in your head. This section in Colossians will give you a more complete picture.


Colossians #3: The Secret of God’s Eternal Plan

Religious communities are notorious for separating insiders from outsiders. But when Jesus came, everything changed.


Colossians #4: Keeping Christ in the Christian Life

The secret to following Jesus is not to try hard to keep all the rules or expectations, but to live in deep connection with Jesus himself.


Colossians #5: Three Steps to a New Identity in Christ

Living as a Christian changes our identity, but it doesn’t usually happen overnight. Try these 3 steps if you’re struggling.

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Colossians #6: Taking Your Faith to the Next Level

God calls us to live a life that makes Jesus famous. That means learning how to honor God in everyday life.


Colossians #7: How Jesus Transforms a Marriage

A good marriage is one that honors Jesus. Here’s how to do that.

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Colossians #8: How Jesus Transforms a Family

When we make Christ supreme in our homes, it will change the way parents treat their children and children respond to their parents.