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Category: Understanding Worship

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Pursue God Passionately

Guard your heart for out of this, all the issues of life flow. We need to cultivate our relationship with God at the center of our lives because it affects everything we do, how we lead, and how we live a life of worship on and off stage.

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Engage Community Courageously

We will never change culture by becoming like culture. We will never change the world by becoming like the world. We must be the light of the world and let God’s Kingdom culture change our world’s culture. We start by becoming a community which engages the community around us.

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Types of Praise

Concepts like raising our hands or being expressive with worship go far beyond modern “worship culture” and actually find their roots in Old Testament instruction on worship.

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Worship 301 (Series)

There is so much to learn about worship arts! In this ten topic series, we’ll explore some more facets of leading worship and growing the worship ministry of which you are serving.

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Our Vision

We want to create a movement of people who pursue God “full circle”:

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