About This Series
Use this series to discover important factors that will help your group become a safe, caring environment.

Week #1: Create a Good Relational Environment in Your Group

Take a look at some important factors that help or hinder the relational comfort and trust in your group.

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Week #2: Small Group Ground Rules

If you want to have a great small group, there are a few ground rules that you need to follow. These will help you to treat each other with love and respect, and above all, to build trust in your group.

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Week #3: Create a Caring Group

A small group leader is essentially the pastor or shepherd of the group. What that means is that you care about each person. But pastoral care ultimately belongs to all of the members of the group.

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Week #4: How to Make Your Group Welcoming to Guests

It can be intimidating to attend a small group for the first time. Will your group make guests feel welcome or weird?

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Week #5: Help Your Group Get Comfortable with Prayer

Praying together can be a powerful experience for a small group. But group members are often uncomfortable praying aloud. Here’s how you can help develop a common prayer life as a group.

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Week #6: How to Avoid Being a Weird Small Group

If a group is weird or awkward, people will not come back. Here is how not to be weird!

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What's Next?
You’re done with this series. Congratulations! Now try another series or check out our topics for more topic-at-a-time discipleship.