Use this 40-Day prayer and worship event at the beginning of the year to encourage your entire church to develop the corporate and personal habit of prayer.

  • Connect to our 40-Day prayer calendar to give your congregation a new prayer focus for each day.
  • Add an optional Prayer & Worship night with a special emphasis on individual and corporate prayer using P.R.A.Y. (Download the slides.)
  • Teach your congregation to bring this into their personal prayer lives by doing a 60-minute prayer seminar:
    • Introduce the P-R-A-Y method and hand out the Prayer Journal (pdf).
    • Introduce the Songs for Prayer link in our top menu.
    • Play the Songs for Prayer playlist, encouraging attenders to use the prayer journal to guide their 60-minute prayer time.
    • Encourage attenders to bring it home, committing at least once a week to this 60-minute prayer habit.