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Why PursueGOD?

Today’s issues are more complicated than ever, and the church needs tools to make a difference. PursueGOD offers a turnkey discipleship solution that works for believers and seekers alike. When you partner with us, your church will receive a customized pursueGOD page with access to over 3000 topics to help people talk about life, faith, and everything in between.

Each Page Contains

A Custom URL & Image

Featured Topics (Updated Weekly)

“The Pursuit” Discipleship Track

Built-in Milestone Tracking

A Custom Message Board

Add on playlist options

Access to FlexTalk.org

As Low As


Our tools give people in your church a clear pathway for becoming a disciple and making disciples. And the built-in milestone log helps your staff follow up on the progress of every disciple-maker in your ministry.

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Your church’s custom partner page is just a click away! Simplify your approach to ministry and start making disciple-makers with pursueGOD.org.